Preschool Supervisor:

Donna Losiewicz,

419-422-7525 ext. 208

Each classroom has a blend of special needs students and “peer model” developing students. Peer model students pay a monthly tuition. The Hancock County ESC places students with special needs, and each school district places peer model students. If you have an interest in having your child attending as a peer model student please contact the elementary school office of the district in which you reside.


The Hancock County ESC administers preschool classrooms in the following locations:

Arcadia Elementary Ÿ 419-894-6431
19033 SR 12
Arcadia OH 44804
Arlington Elementary Ÿ 419-365-5121
336 S. Main St.
Arlington OH 45814
Cory-Rawson Elementary Ÿ 419-963-7017
3930 CR 26
Rawson OH 45881
Liberty Benton Elementary Ÿ 419-422-9161
9050 SR 12
Findlay OH 45840
McComb Elementary Ÿ 419-293-3286
328 S. Todd St.
McComb OH 45858
Riverdale 419-694-4994
20613 SR 37
Mt. Blanchard OH 45867
Van Buren Elementary Ÿ 419-299-3416
301 S. Main St.
Van Buren OH 45889
Students attend ARCADIA Preschool
Itinerant Services Ÿ 419-422-7525
7746 CR 140
Findlay OH 45840



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